Tips for Defeating Dry Winter Skin in 2023

It's here again!

Welcome to a new calendar year, a fresh start in the middle of the most pensive season of the wheel. We've just had the winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere, celebrated Christmas and Yule, and gone to bed at 9:30p on NYE to the sound of booming fireworks both near and far!

Along with all the joys of cozy season, we're also seeing cool (to downright frigid) temperatures, and that stark fluctuation can send your skin into panic mode. Consistently low levels of humidity can have a drastic effect on your skin, causing sudden dryness or even eczema/psoriasis flair ups.

I'm here to help! So, I've put together a straightforward, head-to-toe list of ways to help you keep dry skin at bay during the cold weather months.

Don't skip hydration

During the winter, it's important to stay hydrated! It's easy to forget, especially here in the Low Country where we're sweating to death all the way through September! Even if you don't feel thirsty as often, incorporating cozy teas or a daily water intake bottle can help support adequate hydration

For Your Face

Incorporate a hyaluronic acid serum to layer with a cream moisturizer, and use a good facial oil at night to keep things nice and supple. Don't forget to slather on lip balm too! We don't like chapped lips 'round here.

Your Body Care Routine

Yes, it needs attention too! It's easy to just save all your gusto for the face, but subtle changes in your body products can REALLY save you from ashen legs and scaly elbows. If you find that your skin is really sensitive and excessively dry, switch up your soap! For super dry winter skin, use a pure olive oil soap, soothing oatmeal soap, unscented coconut milk soap, or you can even use my silky, triple-butter shave soap to wash with. These bars are extra mild and infused with ingredients that focus heavily on boosting your skin's ability to retain moisture.

Last but not least, your hair

If you're not using one yet, make the switch to my shampoo bars! They're very conditioning and leave your hair moisturized and soft. During dry winter months, just like with your skin, you'll want to focus more on moisture! For your hair, that looks like pre-treating your scalp with moisturizing masks or nourishing oils, using a conditioner alongside your shampoo if you don't already, and finishing off freshly-washed hair with leave-in conditioner to prevent static fly-aways. 

I hope you've enjoyed this blog post! I've sprinkled links to my favorite clean products throughout, so check that stuff out!

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Talk soon!


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