About Us

Fern Soapery was founded by avid crafter and skincare science enthusiast, Courtney, to provide clean bath and body products that are beautiful inside and out.

We believe that healthy skin is a head-to-toe priority, and our passion lies in creating beautifully nourishing, handcrafted basics to elevate your everyday personal care rituals.

What sets us apart from all the others?

All of our natural soaps, shampoo bars, and body scrubs are formulated and crafted in-house, so we maintain control over all the ingredients as well as reduce our manufacturing footprint.

Ingredient integrity is our number one focus through every step of our creative process. We use biodegradable, naturally-derived, and non-toxic ingredients in all of our products, and we do not use plastic containers or boxes. Our goal is to do no harm to humans or our planet.

Rather than synthetic, pre-made fragrance oils that are full of mysterious and potentially harmful aroma chemicals, we create sophisticated and refreshing perfumes from scratch using natural, therapeutic essential oils. We infuse quality and care into every aspect of our products, so you can enjoy the every day luxury you deserve!