About Fern Soapery



Craftsmanship in a world of mass-production:
I believe in honoring the devotion of honing a craft, and we are committed to keeping our products handmade in the USA for good. There’s beauty and intimacy in knowing who makes the products we use daily. Every soap & skincare product on this website is handmade by me (Courtney) in my home studio.

The highest standard of clean:
I stay abreast of all emerging data on cosmetic ingredients, and all of my formulas are safe and non-toxic for everyone.

High performance:
A product that does not do its job well is not a good product. I am committed to making sure that my customers receive a product that is both highly effective and incredibly nourishing.

Last but certainly not least, I keep our footprint as small as possible. All manufacturing is in-house, I steer clear of non-biodegradable ingredients, and all of my current offerings are either packaging-free or packaged in domestically-printed paper boxes.


That’s me! My name is Courtney, and I formulate and craft all Fern Soapery products in my studio in Savannah, GA, USA. I’ve dedicated eight years to honing my craft as a soap maker and cosmetic formulator, and I take great pride in every one of my offerings!

Each product is formulated and handmade from absolute scratch by me. I do not use bases or pre-blended ingredients, ensuring that quality and integrity flows through to every finished product. Even our fragrances are blended from scratch using natural essential oils and plant resins.

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