An Official Introduction to Our Shampoo Bars!

After two years of learning, researching, and developing, I am super excited to finally introduce you to our NEW shampoo bars!

These bars adhere to all of the stringent criteria that the rest of my products do. I always like to take the time to explain not only what ingredients we should avoid but why we avoid them. Knowing why empowers you to shop smarter, not harder, guards you against clean- and green-washing attempts, and helps you shop for what you need no matter your budget! So let's get into it, shall we?

These bars are sulfate-free!
Most of us peruse the hair care aisle, gravitating towards that "sulfate-free' keyword, but do we really know why sulfates aren't great?

Sulfates (SLS, SLeS, and SCS) are not ideal for two major reasons:

  1. They are excessively cleansing. Even when used in small amounts, they strip everything and can easily irritate your scalp and your skin. Excessive cleansing causes sebum (oil) production to kick into overdrive and dries out your strands!
  2. They are not biodegradable. This means that they do not break down naturally and therefore pollute groundwater and waterways, harming both flora and fauna in nature.

These bars are silicone-free!
Say it with me, "WE DON'T LIKE BUILDUP"

Silicones, while excellent for achieving a silky smooth feeling in your hair, tend to build up on the strand, as they are difficult to wash away. Buildup blocks nutrients from the hair strand and causes heavy, limp strands! *pass*

These bars are health-focused!
A perfectly balanced shampoo, much like a perfectly balanced natural soap cleanses AND moisturizes to remove dirt and product while simultaneously replenishing nutrients deep into the functional layers of the skin and hair.

I used my favorite salon shampoo and conditioner duo as a benchmark for comparison while formulating these bars, and they're packed with all the goods that set salon-grade products apart. I'm talking proteins, polyquats, natural oils, and conditioners to spoil your strands just as it should be!

These bars last a long time!
Each shampoo bar should last you through at least two bottles of liquid shampoo! All you have to do is keep the bar dry between uses, and you're saving those coins!
Store your bars on a draining soap dish or soap saver pad outside of the humidity of your shower when not in use. Easy peasy.

YES! These Bars Lather!
Lathering a shampoo bar is only slightly different from lathering a liquid shampoo. You rub the bar directly onto your wet hair at the scalp, remember to work in sections, once you start to feel it fluff up, rinse the bar and store it in a dry place! All you do from there is massage the rich, fluffy lather into your scalp as usual, rinse, and rejoice! The lather in these bars is unbelievably decadent!

The Ingredient Breakdown

This shampoo bar duo is concise, I am not a fan of the "formulated specifically for your left elbow" marketing, but I also understand that one formula does not fit all! Two plus a conditioner bar can take care of damn near anybody though, and I'll stand by that!

What your hair needs is gentle cleansing and replenishment, and though we are all astoundingly and wonderfully different, good product can offer more flexibility than we've been conditioned to believe.

Throughout the entire collection (two shampoo bars and one conditioner bar), you'll find these star ingredients:

you know I'm going to break them down...

  • Cupuacu Butter: this South American butter not only provides outstanding moisture, but it also contains a bio-matched protein called 18-MEA.
    By "bio-matched" I mean that the protein is naturally found in healthy human hair and provides strength and moisture retention. When our strands are damaged by heat, chemical treatments, color treatments, life, etc., this protein tends to diminish. Cupuacu butter restores that protein inside the hair strands to help heal, moisturize, and prevent damage.
  • Vitamin B5: helps to strengthen the outer cuticle of the hair and encourage it to seal, preventing flyaways and excessive tangling that causes damage.
  • Hydrolyzed Rice Protein: help protect the outer layer of the hair against damage, strengthens individual strands, and boosts shine!
  • Essential Oils: Of course, right!? You know I love my essential oils, but I really wanted to put them to work in this collection. The whole collection features a signature blend of tea tree, eucalyptus, wildcrafted lemon, and geranium oils to nourish your scalp and spoil your senses. 

Those three are the main attraction, but they are supported by a perfectly balanced array of beneficial conditioners, polyquats, natural oils, and plant-derived, readily-biodegradable cleansers to LOVE on your hair! 

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How are we feeling? Did I answer all of your questions?
If not, you can always shoot me a DM on Instagram or chat with me here on the website! I'm quick to respond and happy to help!

See you soon!
XOXO, Courtney


  • Thank you, Kathy! That all comes down to your “hair feel” preferences! The pink bar formula is focused on mild cleansing and lots of conditioning, whereas the the normal one focuses on volume and oil-removal with only a little conditioning.
    For me personally, I have thick, wavy hair and my hair gets oily every 2-3 days – I can’t use the pink bar. It just doesn’t clean my scalp as well. So I use the white bar with a conditioner applied to my ends.

    For Dakota’s curly hair, right now I’m using the normal bar paired with a conditioner bar formula we are testing out, and she still needs leave-in conditioner on her wash day(s), so I’ll switch her back to the pink bar with the conditioner bar and she should be balanced out!

  • Love the Blog!!!
    I think I like the regular shampoo bar better than the curly! Call me crazy,buty hair feels cleaner. Maybe it’s the time of year or life. Do you switch from curly products to straight for Dakota? Mine seems to do better if I switch out from normal 3 uses to 1 curly.🤷

    Kathy Bell

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