Unscented Castille Bar Soap

Unscented Castille Bar Soap

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100% pure olive oil soap, AKA Castille soap

Made from only three ingredients: olive oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), and water

What makes this soap special & unique?

- Castille bars have an almost lotion-like lather profile that is incredibly gentle for even the MOST sensitive skin.

- Castille bars start off super soft, with next to no lather, and they have to cure for at least 6 months with an ideal cure time of 12 months to be their best (as opposed to the 3 weeks or so that my other bars cure).

- Castille bars are safe to use for those who want to use a natural, vegan soap but have dermal allergies to coconut oil or tree nuts

-Since I made these to be super delicate and gentle bars, they don’t have any added essential oils or colors

The batch in the shop and online now cured for a whopping 8 months before I released it. I made a big slab late last summer!