How to Use a Conditioner Bar: 101

When I was making the switch, I found that the shampoo bars were pretty straightforward, especially if you already use bars for washing your body. Just wet the bar, saturate your hair with water, lather the bar against your head until desired bubbles are achieved, then scrub and rinse.

H O W E V E R, conditioner bars are a little different. With a conditioner bar, you do not need the palm-full of conditioner that's customary with the diluted liquid conditioner. If a palm-full is your goal, you'll be there all day. These bars are highly concentrated, and I'm not saying that in a buzz wordy, salesly kind of way. Bars just are innately concentrated.
For instance, liquid conditioners usually have anywhere from 10-25% conditioning agents and oils, 75-90% water, aloe, glycerin etc. However, good conditioner bars like ours are comprised almost entirely of conditioning agents and oils. Super concentrated!

Here's a quick step-by-step guide for using a conditioner bar:
And don't worry, it's on the box too!

Step 1
Wet your hands, wet the bar, rub the bar between your hands

Step 2
Wipe the resulting emulsified cream off the bar and comb it through your hair (from the ears down) to detangle and coat your strands.

Step 2 3/4:
(optional) For extra coverage, separate your hair into two inch strands and stroke the bar directly over the hair. Then comb through with your fingers or detangling comb. Bar-to-hair method is good for curls or the ends of long hair (more on that later).

Step 3
Allow the conditioner to rest on your hair for a few minutes, rinse, and rejoice!

How I personally use the conditioner bar for my long, wavy hair:
When using the conditioner bar, I usually wet my hands and then rub the conditioner bar in my hands until it starts to emulsify, then comb my hands and fingers through my hair to detangle. After detangling, I separate my hair into roughly two inch sections and stroke the bar directly on the ends of my hair for extra moisture and defense against breakage.

How I use the conditioner bar for my daughter's fine, curly hair:
If you've got curly hair, YES a conditioner bar will still work for you, even if you usually use a ton of liquid conditioner. My daughter has very curly hair, and I follow the same process for conditioning her hair.
The only differences are that I do step 2 3/4, and I work conditioner through all the way to her roots. Her hair does not get oily between washes, so her curls need moisture from root-to-tip. For more info on using shampoo and conditioner bars with curly hair, check out this post.

If you are ready to take the leap, shop our hair care collection today! If you have questions, feel free to reach out. You may comment below, fill out the contact form, or send a chat from the website. I'll be back in touch ASAP!

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