Curly Hair Guide to Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Are our shampoo and conditioner bars a good fit for curly hair?

Yes they are.

I know, I know, I "would say that", but really!
It can be so difficult to find good hair products for curly hair. Brands can't get away with cheap formulas; they straight up will not work for curls, and it is straight up annoying to waste money over-and-over. Ask me how I know!

If hair care bars are an interest of yours, and you've got curly hair, I'm here to help!

Let's start by breaking down what curls need in order to stay healthy:

Strengthening Proteins
Curls tangle. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's their favorite dang thing to do. Tangles + fragile strands = breakage, and that's not what we want at all. Our shampoo and conditioner bars are infused with cupuacu butter, which is a natural source of MEA-18 protein and rice protein hydrolysate to strengthen strands from the inside out.

Gentle (but thorough) Cleansing
Curls generally require styling products of some sort in order to behave themselves between washes. That means that on wash day, your shampoo has to be able to get ALL the styling product off of the hair. We want to start fresh without stripping the hair of vital moisture. Inversely, a shampoo that's too weak will leave product behind and cause buildup of silicones and oils. Over time, that buildup can cause your strands to be limp and lifeless.

In the form of silky conditioning agents and natural oils. Dry curls are a recipe for frizz, tangles, and breakage. We can add moisture after washing via styling products, but it's even better to get your hair off to a strong start in the shower with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner combo.

We only have one conditioner bar, and she's all you'll need, but we do have a couple of different shampoos to choose from.

So, which shampoo bar is right for your curls?

- If your roots accumulate sebum (your skin's natural oil) between washes, you'll want to use the Classic Shampoo Bar + Conditioner Bar combo

- If you don't get oily at the root between washes, but you use a lot of heavier styling products like curl creams, butters, etc., go with the Classic Shampoo Bar + Conditioner Bar combo.

- If you're starting with the Classic Combo, I recommend reading this post and then snagging The Complete Hair Care Starter Bundle to get you off on the right foot with our hair care bars.

- If you do NOT get oily between washes, and you use minimal, lightweight styling products like leave-in conditioner, mousse, etc., then go with the 2N1 Shampoo + Conditioner Bar paired with our Classic Conditioner Bar.

Check out this post for a quick description of how to use a conditioner bar. Towards the end of that post, I briefly touch on my approach to using the bars with my daughters fine, curly hair. You may find that info helpful! If you have any questions, please reach out! I'm happy to help. You may comment below, fill out the contact form, or send a chat from the website. I'll get back to you ASAP!

Talk soon,

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