Where to Find Our Products in Downtown Savannah

It's been over a year since I bid my sweet little slice of downtown Savannah farewell, and closed down my brick-and-mortar pop up shop!

Even though the collective expanse of my creations and curations is available exclusively online, I do have two retail partners in downtown SAV that consistently stock my soaps and/or shampoo bars. I encourage you to stop in and support these lovely ladies if you find yourself in their neighborhood(s)!

Litefoot Company
A sweet little eco-hub located in the heart of the Starland District of downtown SAV, Litefoot company has a varied selection of my soaps for sale! Katie and I collaborated to offer a unique experience with my soaps in her store. I deliver the soaps as full, uncut loaves, and shoppers enjoy the experience of cutting their own bars to whatever size they need, be it a big ol' chonk or a teeny little sliver. So fun, right? Usually, you can find my 2N1 shampoo bars at Litefoot company as well.

Paris Laundry
A super chic, clean beauty and clean living space located on the eastern end of the Design District of downtown SAV, Paris Laundry offers my shampoo and conditioner bars as well as a varied selection of my best-selling signature bar soaps! Kelsey's store has you covered for all your makeup, skincare, and personal care needs, as well.

Remember, small businesses need our consistent support to stay afloat! The summer season can be brutal and I'm not just talking about the heat. If you're unable to offer monetary support by purchasing from small businesses ( I get it, we live in strange and expensive times ), I encourage you to tell a friend about a product you've had your eye on, share a post on social media, or just mention small businesses when anyone asks for recommendations.

Like I always say, voting with your dollars makes a difference in the long run, and every dollar in a small business's pocket is a dollar that stays in your community instead of feeding faceless corporations. We all appreciate your support so much!

Talk soon!

Courtney B

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