"Clean Beauty" Shouldn't Stop at Your Face

I'm just gonna be out with it here - body care is one of the most overlooked clean beauty categories by both producers and consumers alike. Honestly, bathing products that are truly free of what we know to be irritating and/or toxic are rare to find at an everyday-use price point.

And if you can find them, they can be kind of a snooze.

It's okay for your personal care products to be FUN, and it's okay for them to smell GOOD. We don't need to quit our smell-goods cold turkey or even at all - but we do need to be a gatekeeper for what we allow onto and into our bodies.

That's why I'm here, doing what I do.

When you're starting a low-tox journey, intentionally choosing clean products, it is tempting to start from the top of the pyramid. The make up, the super-targeted facial care - you know, the "fun" stuff, but I'm here to tell you...the easiest way to clean it up is to start from the bottom of the pyramid and work your way up.

Okay, maybe not the easiest, but the most effective.

Think of it this way - how many times a day do you wash your hands? (since COVID, probably about eleventy-jillion times a day, right?)

How many times a day are you wiping down your counters or washing up dishes?

What do you use every day? Start there. Start with your all-purpose cleaner that soaks through the cloth and onto your hand. Start with your hand wash, your hand cream, your body wash / soap, your body lotion, your FOOD.

The things you're reaching for multiple times a day are where you should start, and I get it - it pinches a little bit.

Our budgets are sensitive, and it feels better to splurge on what we see as targeted or special, but there's something to be said for opting to raise the ENTIRE bar by a little bit, rather than buying top shelf at the peak, and bottom shelf at the base.

I encourage you to make a few swaps in the coming weeks, or at least have a good, long stare at the ingredient lists for the products touching your skin all day! No need to throw out what you have; we don't want to be wasteful, but when that bottle is empty, consider how you can replace it mindfully. Work your way through this process SLOWLY - there's no need to overwhelm yourself.

We're all just doing what we can to make these days with our people a little longer and a lot sweeter, right?


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