Celebrating the Return of Our Body Lotion (and lip balms)

When I closed my little pop up store in downtown Savannah back in 2022, I really had to take a step back and closely evaluate how I was going to keep my business afloat in these "interesting" times. One of the many tough calls I had to make through that period of time was significantly reducing my offerings so my business was lean and clean; lots of products got the chop.

I dialed back to just soap and shampoo bars, and all my delectable skincare products were set aside for the sake of simplicity and brand image as I transitioned into an online-only storefront.

Well let me tell you. I tend to crave simplicity in theory, not in practice. I got BORED, y'all! I love making soap, but just the same 4 soaps and the same 3 shampoo bars got old and in a hurry!

Not only did eliminating those products not meet my creative needs at all, many of my beloved customers mourned their loss too. Eventually, I caved and started making lotions and lip balms to-order as a somewhat "secret menu" item for locals and repeat customers, but then that grew into a greater demand, so here we are!

If you have not ever used my body lotions, you are in for a treat. This lotion blows the absolute pants off of just about any lotion out there on the market, and that's the gospel truth.

Just like all my other products, I make the lotions from absolute scratch in my studio. They're handcrafted using silky mango butter for lasting moisture that doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy, organic sunflower oil for its rich linoleic acid content to help restore and repair the skin, and allantoin to help the skin retain moisture for longer.

The finished product gives a delightfully hydrated, soft finish with no tack or greasy feeling. Upon resurrecting the lotions as an offering, I've done my best to keep the price comfortable. The best way to do that in this day & age is to offer a larger size and keep the packaging simple, so these come in a bountiful 16oz (gorgeous) amber glass bottle. Each bottle is blended- and filled-to-order, and I hand write the blend on the label and bottle tag. Isn't that special? I just love it!

I'm currently offering them in either seasonal scents or unscented, but I've received feedback that some would like to see the herbal signatures available in the lotions too. What do you think? Feel free to send me a chat or leave a comment. I'm here to serve, and these are blended-to-order, so I'm happy to oblige.

I know that the return of lotions and lip balms will inevitably have some of you wondering when the third, incredibly popular skincare treat of mine will reappear, and I have to say right now I don't know! The scrubs tend to be a beast to ship without a lot of extra packaging. Let me know if that's something you want to see return though, and I'll try to get it in the works for next year. For now, locals may request scrubs from me directly OR you can purchase them from Litefoot Company on Bull Street in Savannah. Katie has Lavender Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange scrubs right now in her bulk fill offerings :-)

Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for prompt notification when new items become available. This isn't a "new items daily" kind of business, but I do try to keep it fresh, and it's good to stay in touch! Subscribers get a discount code that's good on every order, and there's free shipping site-wide for everyone. I appreciate y'all's support so much!

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