Is Natural Soap Okay for Women to Use "Down There"?

Do you remember in this post when we talked about the reasons it's best not to use natural soaps to wash your hair?

If not, I'm happy to remind you that natural soaps have an alkaline pH of around 8-9, whereas your skin and hair are generally acidic, with a pH ranging from 4.5-5.5.
Pretty much anywhere on your body will be just fine and actually benefit from using natural soap because of its minimally processed ingredients. If your private parts are not particularly sensitive, then you can use natural soap all over without issues.

H O W E V E R, if you consider yourself to be sensitive, then it is entirely possible that natural soap could exacerbate ongoing issues or cause irritation.

The pH of the vulva is on the more acidic end of the aforementioned pH range of our skin (pH of around 4.5 and becomes even more acidic inside the vagina). This acidic pH helps to keep a host of good microorganisms alive and well so they can fight off bad microbes and prevent infection in our most delicate areas.

Unfortunately, consistent disruption of that pH balance can sometimes cause several uncomfortable issues for women with sensitivities.

Issues like:
- itching
- burning
- bacterial vaginosis
- candida yeast infection

Truly a host of situations and scenarios can throw off the delicate female balance:

- wearing sweaty clothes or underwear all day
- intercourse
- tight clothes
- wearing wet bathing suits for extended periods of time
- non-breathable fabrics
- artificial fragrances and perfumes
- and, as much as we love them.... sometimes alkaline natural soaps

That's not to say that ALL of us will experience issues with soaps. Some women can and do use natural soaps from head to toes without issue, but for others, special care is needed. That's why I created the feminine wash bar!

For years and years, I faithfully used natural soaps everywhere (well, except my hair), but after I had my third child and entered my thirties, things changed. I dove fully into that discussion in this post, give it a read if you're so inclined!

Even if you're using natural soaps now with zero issues, our hormones change as we age, and those shifts can heavily impact our vaginal health, as well. Overall, it's best to just be aware and listen to your body. If you're experiencing chronic issues, it's certainly time to evaluate every product that you're using and consider consulting with a trusted healthcare provider or herbalist.

Lifestyle adjustments may be in order, too, as we approach the summer months, especially down here in Savannah (Lord, have mercy).

It is important to change out of sweaty or damp clothes ASAP, wear flowy clothing if possible (let her breathe), keep anything perfumed far away from your lady bits, and, even though this probably goes without saying, shower/bathe regularly.

Basically, in a roundabout way, I'm saying that, yes, natural soaps are okay for women to use, unless you're very sensitive. In that case, you should opt for our pH-Balanced Feminine Wash.

I hope my words answered your questions, and I thank you for reading them! Feel free to browse around the blog, and please subscribe if you enjoy my content and products! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have via the chat or contact form.

Talk soon!


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