All About Our Cozy Collection - 2023

My, oh my, snuggle season is certainly is upon us!

This is my absolute most favorite time of year. Four out of five of my family members (including myself) all celebrate birthdays through the Autumn and Winter, and we love soaking up all the fellowship, family time, and baked treats the holidays bring.

And what would the holidays be without surrounding ourselves with cozy, wintry fragrances to sink us further into the most wonderful time of year? I've assembled our collection this year using some tried-and-true favorites, and added in a new blend, as well!

Let's delve into the details!

fall and winter scented soaps by Fern Soapery

Sweater Weather Soap Bar
This blend evokes that sense of "ahhhh" that accompanies that first stroll through a Fall Festival after a long, hot, and grueling summer. Fragrant notes of evergreen boughs, cinnamon brooms, and warm, spiced beverages embody the season of release as we prepare to sink ourselves into a peaceful Winter.

Chai Latte Soap Bar
Move over PSL, Chai is queen here! This bar is made with coconut milk for some extra moisture during cool weather and low humidity, and the fragrance is a spiced gem with notes of pungent citrus, ginger, and mixed spices.

Alpine Frost Soap Bar
As we journey into the quiet of Winter, we recall icy breezes carrying the scent of coniferous giants. Alpine Frost takes us on a stroll through crunchy, Winter woods with notes of mixed evergreens and cool peppermint.

Frankincense + Myrrh Soap Bar
This one is new to our A/W lineup this year! Frankincense + Myrrh is a decadent fragrant blend reminiscent of resinous woods, spices, with a muted vanilla base note. If you've never had the pleasure of smelling these two sacred oils, you'll definitely want to try this one!

This year, you can gift our seasonal soaps with ease, thanks to our absolutely adorable Cozy Collection gift set.

Fall and Winter Natural soap gift set by Fern Soapery

I so hope that you all love the seasonal lineup for this year, as I had a wonderful time creating it! As ever, I appreciate your support of my small business! Every purchase you make with a handmade business (be it mine or another) helps support craftsmanship in a market that favors cheaply mass-produced goods. You're voting with your dollars, and it certainly does not go unnoticed, here!

Talk soon!
Courtney B

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