How to Care for Natural Soaps

Are you replacing your hand wash and/or body wash with bar soap!? YASSSS, welcome to the party!

If you're completely new to natural soaps, the good news is they are super easy to use, and congratulations - you're addicted now. However, I do have a couple of tiny bits of info for you as you're getting started.

Natural soaps never really expire, so you can stock up and store your soaps in a dry place like a cabinet, drawer, or linen closet - that way you never run out. I have bars that are YEARS old and they are hard as rocks, still lathering beautifully.

If there was one Hallmark tip that I could stamp to my forehead it would be this...

A L W A Y S dry your soap on a draining dish, soap saver, or on the driest spot on your shower caddy (that's where we keep ours, as we only have a little alcove in our shower wall otherwise)

Allowing your natural soap to dry between uses helps it last longer! It can't dry if it's in a puddle. If properly stored, a full bar should last 3-4 weeks for one person, less for two or more people of course. If improperly stored, it'll melt into a puddle of goop, and nobody wants to go out like that.

If you're using natural soap to wash your hands, goodness, hand soaps last foreeeeeever! You don't even have to worry about the kids using too much like they tend to with foam/liquid soaps, either, which is a big win in my book!

I hope these tips are helpful to you! Thanks for reading, happy shopping, and again, enjoy your new addiction ;-)


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