3 Tricks to Make Your Natural Soap Bars Last Longer

If you're at all familiar with using natural soaps, you know that some of them will melt into a puddle of gooey sludge if you so much as THINK of mistreating them.

I do my best on my end to make an easy-to-care-for bar. Each bar of soap should last you 3-4 weeks with daily use, and I'm serious! If you find that you're only getting 1-2 weeks out of your bars, here are a few simple tips to help you get more life out of them.

Do not use the bar directly on your skin.
Sure, there's no wash cloth or bath pouf to contend with if you rub the bar directly on your body, but there are drawbacks. You won't get as much lather out of the bar, and it will wither away at an astonishing pace. A simple wash cloth will get you a nice, rich lather and dramatically increase the lifespan of your soap.

Store your bar on a draining soap dish or soap saver.
This is important! Keeping your bars (shampoos AND soaps) dry between uses is key. If your shower caddy is out of the shower stream, it will suffice, but you can take it a step further and keep the soap on a draining soap dish OR a budget-friendly soap saver pad. Keeping the bar away from water and excessive humidity when you're not using it will make a huge difference!

Keep your teeny soap chip leftovers in a soap pouch and use them all the way up.
This is a fantastic way to use every last bit of soap! Simply store your chips in a cloth soap pouch and you can lather it up until it's all the way gone. I sold out of my terry soap pouches, but some new ones will join the website soon, so keep an eye out!

I hope these tips helped some! We want that good-to-the-last-bubble experience around here! 

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