The 3 Best Soaps for Dry Winter Skin

Hey, hey! A couple of weeks ago, I shared a head-to-toe guide for defeating dry winter skin, and you all really enjoyed the info, and hopefully shopped with some of my favorite small businesses for your spoils! I wanted to take a second and specifically chat with you about soaps that you should consider using through the winter months, OR soaps you should try if you're really worn out struggling with sensitive skin drama, and need something to heal your woes.

I have three soap bars that I recommend for extra-dry or extra-sensitive skin this time of year! If you're on the hunt for some relief, keep reading!
Side note: for a detailed, head-to-toe arsenal of winter personal care suggestions, check out this blog post.

1. Soothing Oatmeal Soap

This bar is made with my already quite moisturizing formula and is also enriched with colloidal oatmeal to help strengthen the moisture barrier in your skin. A strong moisture barrier is important for preventing moisture loss throughout the day! This helps lock-in hydration from both your soap as well as any lotions or other body moisturizers you may use after your shower. It smells of lovely lavender oil, and it's one of my top sellers as well as a personal favorite!

2. Unscented Coconut Milk Soap

The coconut milk in this bar serves as a moisturizer, transforming the rich lather into a silky, luscious, and extra-hydrating body wash anyone will love. If you prefer to use body care products that have no added aromas, this one is a great pick!

3. Unscented Pure Olive Oil Soap

If you have never used a pure olive oil soap (aka "Castille" soap), you are really in for a treat. Olive oil soaps have a decadent, silky, almost lotion-like lather that truly offers an amazingly gentle clean.

Pure olive oil soap is great for even the teeniest babies, as their delicate, new skin can easily be dried out by cleansers.
Olive oil soaps are also a fantastic choice for those with tree nut allergies who cannot use coconut oil products! The bars last a long time too, as they've cured for over a year at this point - truly a labor of love.

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Talk soon!

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