Saying Goodbye to Our Brick and Mortar Pop-Up

Fern Soapery's time as a brick and mortar space has come to an end! The stars aligned and shone so perfectly to place me here in this beautiful space, and my experience here has been nothing short of a dream come true, but me and my soaps are ready to find new and amazing ways to support the indie clean + green beauty community.

On Sunday, July 31st, I closed the doors and nestled fully back into the e-commerce space, but don’t worry, I’ll still be around!

I am not going out of business 😉

You can shop my soaps just a couple blocks away (Whittaker St) at Paris Laundry as well as anywhere in the area you can find Litefoot Company, and I’ll still be at all my favorite craft show pop-ups mingling and doing my thing, too!

It’s been a beautiful year in this space. I’ve met and come to cherish and appreciate so many of you, and I’m so incredibly grateful for the connection as well as the experience!

Right now, I’m moving through this bittersweet transition, and staying open to all possibilities. I just need you all to know that if you’ve set foot in my “pop up” shop in the last year, I’m grateful for you, and I hope to see you again soon 💗

See you soon!

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