Reimagining our Clean Shave Soap

I set out a few months back to reimagine the form of Clean Shave because the bar was really just huge and unwieldy, AND I wanted it to work with a shave cup and brush system!

So here's the big reveal!

moisturizing shave bar for sensitive or dry skin

This is the same fantastic formula, no changes were necessary there at all. Clean Shave's lather is incredibly thick, rich and decadent thanks to a triple goddess combo of mango, shea, and cocoa butter(s), and you can use it head-to-toe.

The reimagined form is a puck, so it fits snugly in your hand and glides right over the skin for an amazingly close shave with NONE of the junky ingredients that come in a can of shaving cream and leaves no bottles (metal or otherwise) chillin' in a landfill for always and eternity.

She's even got her own special stamp, y'all! : )
What do you think?

You can shop Clean Shave on its own or in this really cool bundle that includes a plastic-free safety razor and a soap saver pad. Shipping is on-the-house for our new collection of bundles, and they're a great way to acquaint yourself with new products you want to try out!

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Talk soon!

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