Recycle Your Cosmetic Containers Locally & Help Fund Brain Cancer Research

I just wanted to give this a permanent place to live other than on my Instagram Stories, and you need to know this anyway!

Southern Sugaring in Savannah participates in a cosmetic container recycling program with Dragon Master Foundation, so if you're in need of another reason to recycle, here ya go! You can do some eco-conscious good AND help fund brain cancer research.

They collect the containers along with their product tubs and send them off to be recycled to fund the research program! Go ahead and tap this link to learn more about Dragon Master's mission.

If you're not familiar with Southern Sugaring, they are a fabulous hair removal studio in Savannah that specializes in using an all-natural Brazilian sugar to dish out some seriously long lasting silky smoothness. Their sugaristas are incredibly knowledgeable and talented, and they also have a super cute boutique in their studio, to boot!

So gather up any of your plastic cosmetic containers, give them a rinse if you can, and swing by there to drop them off!

This is a short one, but I had to share!

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