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A couple of years back, when I said goodbye to my pop-up retail space in downtown Savannah, I cut my product offering WAY back.

I did this for several reasons, mostly because I needed time to breathe, and I had to ham sandwich my inventory and materials fully into my home studio, so I guess I needed ROOM to breathe too!

There were some products that my customers didn't really miss, but there were a few that were consistently requested, so naturally, I obliged, and sold them to a few people on the down-low, like a speakeasy operator for lotions and stuff - ha!
As requests for these goods have increased, I've slowwwwly started to incorporate some back into the repertoire, so lip butters have made a soft official landing in the online store, and will likely be here to stay!

Here's what I love the most about the lip butter that I created for us all to enjoy:

It stays with you
My husband and I say, "it's got that stickwija", whereas some lip balms tend to feel greasy or even like they're not there at all, or worst of all, they feel greasy, then leave your lips feeling crusty within the hour.

It's made with deeply nourishing natural oils
Not petroleum by-products like mineral oil. In my lip balms, I use shea butter, mango butter, lanolin butter, and sunflower oil. The butters form a silky, protective layer to cover your lips and shield them from the elements for hours, and the sunflower oil sinks deep into the skin to repair and fortify your skin from the inside out.

I use local beeswax
I buy raw, unprocessed beeswax from Studier's Apiaries right here in Effingham. When it's time to replenish my supply of beeswax, I physically filter the wax right here in my studio and use it to make our precious little lip balms. In case you were wondering, it takes a lot of work to filter the wax, but it's SO worth it. When I'm finished (after about 3 days), I'm left with these gorgeous, golden bricks of wax that smell like warm honey.

I don't use plastic tubes
The tubes that contain my lip butter are made from cardboard and fully biodegradable. They work like a push pop, and I made sure to get a tube that fingers can push up with ease! Eco-consciousness needs to be practical too, y'all!

If you enjoy a good lip balm, you've got to try this one out. It's one thing that I absolutely will not be without! I've got them at stations throughout my house, so there's always some nearby, and I'm less likely to misplace them that way. 

As always, I appreciate you being here, reading this blog, hanging out on my website, supporting my business, all of it! Support isn't always monetary (though your patronage is certainly appreciated), even just telling a friend or sharing a post helps more than you know!

P.S. Lip balms are also customizable and make wonderful favors. If that's something you're interested in, just reach out via the contact form and we can get started!

Talk soon!

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