Citronella Soaps are Back for the Summer!

This seasonal blend of essential oils is perfect for warm weather months to make us smell a little LESS tasty to the bugs.

My citronella blend is unique and appealing to the senses. I dreamed it up from scratch using citronella, lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, and vetiver essential oils, giving a pleasant fragrance for you to enjoy all summer long! The cheerful yellow color comes from all-natural, anti-inflammatory turmeric powder.

Last year (2023) was its first year in the online shop, and it was a smashing hit, having sold out two full batches! That's a big deal for my small business!

clean ingredient body wash for sensitive or dry skin

I hope you'll give it a try while it's here! You can find this blend as a part of my Value Soaps bundle, which is an excellent way to keep top-quality soaps in your bathroom without breaking the bank. In this economy, $5 a bar is a steal, y'all, and with complimentary shipping too!

As always, I appreciate you being here, reading this blog, supporting my business, sharing my products with your friends! You know, all of it! Every time you support a small, handcrafted business, you vote with your hard-earned dollars. That's a vote in favor of intentional craftsmanship in a world of cheap mass-production, and your support never goes unnoticed here.

Talk soon!


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