All About our Limited Edition Spring/Summer Soaps

This year, I'm really allowing myself some creative freedom with specialty and seasonal soaps! Thanks to the recent introduction of the naked collection, I can provide fun shapes and specialty seasonal blends with ease.

I'd love to take the opportunity to introduce you to a couple of soaps that will hit the website within the next week or so!

First up, we have Green Goddess returning for her second year in a row!
Green Goddess is a very pungent and vivacious blend that's bursting with life - truly embodying the essence of Spring rebirth.
The main oils I've used in this blend are spearmint, basil, and orange (know that sounds like an odd blend, but hear me out) and the combination of this trio reminds me of a freshly torn fig leaf.

I know that's incredibly specific, but if you ever ripped up leaves and crushed flowers into a bowl to make "perfume" as a young one, your sensory memory will come zooming back to you with this one!

My visual inspiration(s) were variegated and Thai Constellation monstera plants, so if you know a plant mom - she would be obsessed with this soap!

Next up, we have a citronella blend soap to make you smell a little less tasty to the bugs during the warm weather months!

My friend Britni from The Current Store is to thank for the inception of this idea! She messaged me on Instagram a few weeks ago asking if I planned to do a citronella soap, as she'd read about people in India who use it to bathe with during the summer to help with mosquito bites.

Together, we brainstormed some oils to include in this soap, and ended up with a divine blend of citronella, lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, and vetiver, and LET ME TELL YOU, this soap smells amazing!

Even though you will love it, all of these oils are renowned for smelling less-than-pleasant to bugs!

I kept the look of this soap relatively simple with just a touch of organic and anti-inflammatory turmeric for a soft, buttery yellow color, as the main point of the Naked Collection is simplicity and affordability.
Despite the fact that I broke my "only one or two oils" rule with this particular soap, all of the oils are potent, so it will fall right into that $5 range we love for the Naked soaps.

Also, because we live in the world that we do, please note that while essential oils are powerful and purposeful, this product has not been evaluated as an insect repellent and is not "guaranteed" to keep them off of you. Like I said - it'll make you smell a little less tasty to them, and it'll smell delicious and summery to you.

Now that I've properly introduced you to these bars, mark down your calendar for 03/20, or keep a weather eye on your inbox if you're on the email list!
If we're connected on Instagram, I'm posting process videos over there tomorrow.

Thank you so much for reading, buying, and being here! I appreciate every one of you - you're keeping small business trade and craftsmanship alive in a world that values commercialization and big budget advertising.

Word-of-mouth keeps craftsmen thriving, you never know who may fall in love with a small business next!

Talk soon!


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