About Me: Courtney's Story

Hi, there! I'm Courtney, founder and formulator-in-chief of Fern Soapery!

I am a lover of creature comforts, and one of my favorite forms of self-care is bathing. Nothing is quite as soothing as showering or soaking, then pampering my skin with sweet-smelling lotions and potions, and climbing into bed as a full-blown, silky human burrito.

I have always dealt with sensitive skin, though, so finding comfort that didn't upset my skin has always been a massive struggle.

As a teen, I battled with hormonal acne and eczema (eczema on my FACE y'all....on. my. face.) so much so that my parents had to seek help from a dermatologist just to calm the beast.

Seeing a doctor was a huge help for my acne, as well as ditching makeup, but on my body, I still suffered with keratosis pilaris; you know, those raised bumps or "chicken skin" that come up on your thighs and upper arms, psoriasis on one of my feet, and little patches of eczema sprinkled about, you know, for funsies.

So I'd wash with "moisturizing" body wash, and slather myself in whatever lotion smelled good from the store and hope for the best.

Usually nothing happened.

Like literally, it helped nothing, and occasionally, if I switched, I'd end up with red, angry skin or hives - if you've got sensitive skin, you know the drill. In your mind you're thinking, "GAH something has to work better than this!", but you're petrified of what protest your skin might have in store when trying a new product.

Fast forward a few years to me, in college, pursuing a BS in Chemistry. Mind you, when I started school, I wanted to be a compounding pharmacist, like a proper potion master, but life happened and a surprise pregnancy landed me in a state of reevaluation. I couldn't really uproot my family and move for pharmacy school, and as new motherhood goes, I found myself kind of wondering if that's what I *reeaaaally* wanted anymore.

So, I decided to table pharmacy school, and just keep on trucking through my rigorous degree, under the guise that, when I emerged from Armstrong University, I'd be a fully-fledged chemist, and the world would be my oyster.

I'd go work for a cosmetics lab, and I'd formulate skincare. Finally, I'd know all the science behind the products that had plagued me for years, and I could make better ones that didn't actually suck.

Life has a funny way - especially in your early 20s - of RUDELY laughing at our naiveté.

I had a classmate who did actually work in a lab, and her husband was a chemical engineer. When I told her my lofty goals, she said "oh cool! but you won't formulate with a bachelor's, you'll be the PhD's do-b*tch"


See, that doesn't sit well with my stubborn, Aquarius soul, and I didn't have the support or financial resources to complete any more than a bachelor's.

Just as life has a funny way of slamming doors in our faces, it also has a way of opening new ones that lead you to just a sliiiightly different version of what you thought you wanted.

Here, I sit, 6 years later and I AM formulating skincare that doesn't suck, and my skin is the healthiest it's been - ever - because I only use what I know to be superb and non-irritating.

Admittedly, it looks a little different than I thought it would. I wear a black apron instead of a white coat, and I fold my business and passion for formulating into my responsibilities as a mother of three (aka - I work nights and weekends).

All that I create is on my terms, and it's up to my (very high) standards on all fronts!

I get to have my creature comforts and my super-soft skin, too, and most importantly, I get to share these comforts with you, so you can stop using skincare that sucks.

If you need ANY help navigating skincare for your beautiful, sensitive skin, I am happy to help. All you have to do is hit that "message us" button in the corner, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Love y'all,


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